Saturday, 21 April 2018

Kartini Day 2018: Elegant Celebration with First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo

"Do you know my motto? I will!
Those two brief words have often supported and took me crossing 
mountains of difficulties and grieves
While the words "I can not" will eliminate our strength
The words "I will" make us hike the mountain easily"
 (Letter of Kartini "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang")

Those very words are written by Kartini in a letter to Mevrouw Abendanon and her Dutch friends in the Netherlands. Long before we are all accustomed with the term of girl or woman power, Kartini was probably the first in Indonesia who encapsulated the true meaning of national heroine. 

Born in 21 April 1879 to a noble Javanese family, Kartini received a short yet meaningful education. She spoke Dutch fluently and this had ease her communication with foreign counterparts. Smart, strong willed and passionate about providing education to children, particularly girls, Kartini established a school on the courtyard of her Father's residence. The school was attended by children of the villagers and workers in her Father's household. This school for girls was considered among the very first in Indonesia which educate girls. In short, long before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 was incepted, Kartini had rightly proposed the right of education for women and girls as well as equality among men and women. 

Given Kartini's outstanding contribution, she has been declared as National Hero in Indonesiai. Each April 21, which is her birthday, the Kartini Day is celebrated nation wide, from schools and universities to government offices. 

Madam Iriana Joko Widodo, Indonesia's First Lady, just hosted an elegant celebration of Kartini Day 2018 at the Bogor Presidential Palace. Along with Madam Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, the spouse of Indonesian Vice President, the First Lady granted a few awards to inspiring Indonesian women who have delivered best contribution to Indonesian people. These women could come from various lines of career, such as social worker, academic, medical doctor, lawyer, etc. This year, the women awardees consist of a traditional weaver of Bataknese Tenun, Catholic nun, and a Balinese Spa products creator.

As Kartini Day is not only about emancipation, but it has also encompassed culture, the celebration also presents show presenting Indonesia traditional fashion. Batik, Tenun, Songket, Tapis were all displayed by spouses of Governors and Armed Forces officers during the celebration. 

Oh and it didn't stop there as the audience were in awe with the charming appearances by three female Ministers serving in President Joko Widodo's cabinet, including H.E. Mrs Retno LP Marsudi, Indonesia's Foreign Minister. Mrs Yohana Yembise, Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection, as well as Mrs Siti Nurbaya, Minister for Environment were also in attendance. 

JET is utterly joyful and proud to be invited to celebrate Kartini Day in the Presidential Palace. Indeed, the Palace served as a lovely venue to the historical celebration. From the melodious musical tunes to the fashion show, the event besotted the hearts and minds of the audiences. 

As indonesians are celebrating Kartini Day, let me extend "Selamat Hari Kartini, semoga semangat dan perjuangan Ibu Kartini terus hidup bersama kita".

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Ps. Catatan Kecil untuk Sahabats Fashionista dan Rekans Diplomat

Meskipun Ibu Kartini hidup di dua abad lampau, visi dan pemikiran beliau tetap relevan di abad ke-21. Tengok pesan yang tertulis dalam surat-surat kepada sahabat-sahabat Ibu Kartini di negeri Belanda. Bahkan jauh sebelum Deklarasi Universal tentang Hak Asasi Manusia dicetuskan di tahun 1948, Ibu Kartini lebih dulu merealisasikan sekolah untuk anak gadis. 

Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang bukanlah ungkapan klise, melainkan suatu jeritan hati Ibu Kartini yang mendambakan perubahan bagi anak cucu buyutnya untuk hidup lebih baik. Mari lanjutkan komitmen Ibu Kartini. 

Melalui kesederhanaan penampilan dan kesantunan tutur katanya, tampak kematangan karakter dan intelektualitas Ibu Kartini. Kebaya warna putih dan gading dilengkapi kain Batik tulis sogan yang menjadi trademark dress code beliau kini dikenal dengan sebutan Kebaya Kartini. Without even realizing it, Ibu Kartini was one of Indonesia's first and foremost fashion icons. Let us follow Ibu Kartini's exemplary footsteps in promoting Indonesian culture, partly through our appearance and fashion. Again, it does not have to be expensive. Most importantly our look should echo our love for Tanah Air. Bravo perempuan Indonesia, Kartini Zaman Now!

Ibuku dan Ibu Negaraku
My Mother, Mr Henny Tandjung, and my country's First Lady , Madam Iriana Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace in Bogor.

JET in front of the charming Presidential Palace in Bogor with its golden dome. 

JET wears hand-painted Batik by Dwi Hadi Batik in Solo. 

Opung (Grandma) Valentina, a traditional weaver from Medan who is an award recipient is interviewed by First Lady. 

Sister Eustochia, a Catholic Nun from Maumere, shares her experience in addressing victims of human trafficking to Madam Mufidah Jusuf Kalla. 

The impressive show taking place at the vast courtyard of Bogor Presidential Palace. 

Batik, Tenun, Tapis, Songket and other traditional textiles are displayed splendourly by spouses of Governors and Armed Forces Officers who served as models at the show. 

With Madam Olly Dodokambey, spouse of North Sulawesi Governor 

Mom and Madam Fanny Djundjunan, spouse of Director for Legal Affairs and Regional Treaty, Foreign Ministry. 

First Lady and Mrs Kalla are accompanied by Foreign Minister H.E. Mrs Retno Marsudi, Women Empowerment Minister Mrs Yohana Yembise, Environmental Minister Mrs Siti Nurbaya. 

Beautiful morning from Bogor Presidential Palace

JET dressed to the nines in Batik handpainted shirt by Dwi Hadi, Solo. 


Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Easter Traveller: Jenolan Caves in Australia

Selamat Paskah
Happy Easter
Joyeuse Paques
Buona Pasqua

Anyone who knows me well would be accustomed with my quite adventurous taste of travelling. Well, a stylish adventure it is. JJJ

In 2017, I finally got a chance to be an Easter Traveller. Ever since I arrived in Sydney few years ago, Jenolan Caves was high on my must visit list of places in Australia. Located in the heart of New South Wales, these limestone caves located within the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the Blue Mountains region, in New South Wales. Journey from Sydney to Jenolan would take around 4-5 hours by car.

Founded by Australian Aboriginal people of the Gundungurra clan, the caves and the land above them have been made use by the Gundungura whose culture stretches back tens of thousands of years and which is very much a living culture today.

Due to its awe-inspiring beauty and scale, Jenolan Caves ( have been frequented by the world’s royalties and celebrities. As early as 1927, Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who were then titled as Their Royal Highnesses Duke and Duchess of York, made a Royal Visit on behalf of King George V. Fast forward 2018, the American tennis icon Venus Williams visited the Caves during her break at Australian Tennis championship.

I was even more motivated to make the visit since I read that Jenolan Caves performing Easter Sunday mass inside the Lucas Cave. Lucas Cave is one of the most impressive caves inside this complex. Housing the Cathedral Chamber, the Lucas Cave is the largest Cave and a favourite among visitors. It is called Cathedral Chamber since the stalactites in this cave looks like stalactites.

One could imagine when the soloist sang the “Risen Christ” song inside this million years ago formed cave, one’s heart and mind would surely ponder on the greatness of The Lord.

This year as we are celebrating Easter today, let me kindly wish my Christian and Catholic brother and sisters a very joyful Easter. May the blessings from Jesus’ resurrection continues to dwell in our lives forever more. A happy long weekend to my Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu as well as other brothers and sisters.

Now, I am certain that you would not want me to look like an ancient cave man. No worries, mate! I won’t let you down by wearing shabby outfit inside the caves. So for celebrating last year’s Easter in the Caves, I chose wearing a track pants crafted from Maumere Tenun (handcrafted) by the talented Dana Duryatna, a well-known Indonesian designer famous for his eclectic menswear design based on traditional cloths.

Scroll below to see my preferred color and see more style of JET in IG (@JETANDJUNG) and Facebook Page (JET Fashion Diplomacy).

Ps. Catatan Kecil untuk Sahabats Fashionista dan Rekans Diplomat

Selamat Paskah bagi sahabat dan keluarga Kristiani di Indonesia. Di hari yang agung, tetap kenakan Tenun, Batik, Songket untuk menampilkan betapa besar budaya bangsa Indonesia. Percaya lah bahwa perjalanan jauh tidak akan terasa jika hati dibuat bahagia. Salah satu caranya adalah dengan dressing up to the nines. So dress up nicely particularly when you attend an Easter brunch or dinner. As a guest, you want to look amazing, while as a host, you would want to look pristine. Either way, Indonesians remember to wear modern pieces crafted from traditional cloths. For Easter Sunday 2017, my choice fell to a Tenun Maumere track pants by Dana Duryatna for Priya (IG: @priyabydana).

Marvel at the beauty of Cathedral Chambers, known for its Cathedral-esque limestone cave.

Easter 2017 with The Mulyanas, Dr. Yayan GH Mulyana (then serving as Consul General of Republic of Indonesia to New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia) and Madam Irene Mulyana.

JET wears Tenun Maumere track pants by Dana Duryatna for Priya.

Care to join me in this epic adventure? ;)

Always put forward fashion diplomacy even as JET entered the cave

It’s a long journey before I got inside the body of the Jenolan Cabes

And the journey took me also to the limestone veranda overlooking pristine river.

Finally JET arrives at the majestic Cathedral Chamber

“Risen Christ” splendidly sung by this melodious soloist in the Cathedral chamber

Another top performance in this once a year Sunday Easter mass at Cathedral chamber. In the past, this chamber was used as a weekly place of worship to those working in Jenolan Caves.

What do you think of this shape? I think it looks like a Mermaid tail. J

A Shark fin look alike natural carving made from million years limestone.

This cave formation reminds me of the story of Jonah inside the belly of a large whale.

Grandeur mystery river of the cave.

But first, let JET be a super stylish cave man! Fashion diplomacy cave man to be correct.

After the tiring hiking inside the Caves, let’s have all Indonesian food lunch as prepared by the beautiful Ibu Irene Mulyana who is an amazing cook. Meatball soup, corn fritters, cheese stick, pineapple tart, you name it we have it! ;)