Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Immense Potential of Indonesian Fashion and Batik to Penetrate Australian Market

To mark the beginning of the Second Indonesia Beautiful fashion show, Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney has hosted the Business and Media Meeting with Indonesian designers on 11 May 2017.

Officially launched by Dr Yayan Mulyana, Indonesian Consul General in Sydney, the meeting aims to serve as a platform for Indonesian designers to develop business contacts with their Australian counterparts as well as media coverage.

JET is proud to serve as a Moderator in the prestigious event featuring Australian fashion luminaries, namely Glynis Trail-Nash (Fashion Editor, The Australian), Alison Veness-McGourty (Editor in Chief, 10 Magazine) and Justin Cudmore (Lawyer, Marquee Law Firm).

Presenting “Overview of Australian fashion”, Glynis has highlighted the importance of product DNA which differentiate one designer’s creation with another. In short, a product should be desirable to its potential buyer.

Alison, who presented “The Role of Australian Fashion Chamber and Potential of Australian Market to Indonesian Designers”, underlined that public private partnership is essential in strengthening the close cooperation between government and private sectors in boosting local fashion industry. She points out that, under the auspice of Australian Foreign Minister, the AFC has been tasked to promote Australian creative talents in abroad through “Australian Designers in Abroad” programme, including in Paris and Jakarta. This programme is supported by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia and accordingly by Australian Embassies in the world’s fashion capitals, including in Paris and Jakarta.

Designers’ know how on budget allocation, marketing technique, legal rules including the Intellectual Property Rights and taxes, are the sort of qualities that a good designer should possess or learn as stated by Justin, who is also a member of Australian Fashion Chamber’s Board of Director.

Indonesian Fashion and Batik holds immense potentials to tap the Australian market were thoroughly highlighted by the speakers. The centuries old tradition of Batik as well as other traditional textile topped with the unique Indonesian culture from Sabang to Merauke as well as the creativity of designers are undoubtedly the strong points of Indonesian fashion. These strong points should be complemented with designers’ constant innovation to meet the foreign customers’ demands. The change of weather in Northern and Southern Hemisphere should be taken into account too, such as swimming attire with Batik pattern in Summer and warm bomber jacket with Ikat pattern in Winter.

Another pertinent point arising from the discussion is the need to separate two different markets for Indonesian fashion and Batik. The first market aimed at more general consumers which underline a not-too-pricey Batik or textile with Batik pattern. Another market aims to cater the high-end customers who appreciate premium Batik products, namely hand-painted and hand-stamped Batik.

The growing importance of creating a ‘product story’ behind the making of Batik or Ikat or a piece of clothing. Each major fashion house now includes the behind-the-scene making of an attire or accessory, including the inspiration. The necessity of online retail to designers working in the 21st century as well as the selection of proper social media would also enhance the image and name of the designer as well as its brand.

The meeting has been attended not only by fashion business entrepreneurs but also fashion and cultural journalists, including from SBS Australia.

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“The example of fashion diplomacy between Indonesia and Australia is seen by the active promotion of Australian and Indonesian Foreign Ministers”, as stated by JET who served as Moderator at the event.

JET, dressed in Jenny Kee’s Koompartoo knitwear. In English, Koompartoo means “A New Beginning” (IG: @jennykeeoz).

Fashion Wefie with Australian foremost fashion figures
(L-R): Mr Justin Cudmore (Australian Fashion Chamber), Alison Veness-McGourty (Editor, 10 Magazine), Ms Glynis Traill-Nash (Editor, The Australian) and JET.

Sharing an engaging discussion with the three speakers.

The moderator in action.

My classy yet catchy Batik trousers are designed by Mr Erdan (IG: @erdanmardani)

“Indonesian Fashion and Batik holds immense potentials to tap the Australian market” as underlined by Glynis, the charismatic fashion editor of The Australian newspaper.

Batik galore for speakers!
After the show, the designers presented various Batik shawls for the designers as a token of appreciation.

Dr Yayan Mulyana (Consul General of Indonesia) with Madam Irene Mulyana and JET welcomed the speakers.

Monochromatic Jenny Kee is handsomely complemented with Erdan’s Batik trousers.



Friday, 31 March 2017

Saying “Hello” to Adele in Batik Chic

Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal ya
But I ain't done much healing
– Adele

In front of 75.000 fans, Adele opened her Australian tour in Sydney in March with the lyrics taken from her smashing hit song, “Hello”. Dressed in a maroon sequined gown executed by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Couture, the audience was in awe from the moment Adele appeared on the stage. As soon as the extra large screens featured her two beautiful eyes, the attendees began to sing along with her. Die hard fans of Adele would know by heart the verses of Hello as well as her other legendary hits.

Since she first launched her initial album titled “19” to mark her 19th birthday, JET has been a fan of Adele whose music is poignant and somehow makes one think about the unbreakable bond of love and existence. Without a doubt, “Chasing Pavement” was my favorite track from her debut album.

I remember that I was posted in Geneva when she launched her second album, titled “21”. I instantly purchased the album and played the song “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You” over and over again. As I drove from Geneva to Milan for a weekend with my parents in 2011, I have accidentally turned on the re-play track all the way. Immediately after we passed the Montblanc tunnel, which bridged France to Italy, my Mom asked me whether my CD player has gone wrong since she keeps on listening to “Set Fire to the Rain” for two hours. Sorry Mom, guess it explains how I adore Adeleee.

The depth of Adele’s voice, which I like to refer as a melodically haunting one, has made it difficult for anyone to escape it. Thus, when JET heard that Adele is coming to Down Under, it is a no brainer not to book a ticket to watch the 21st century diva in live performance.

Now, I am sure you would expect me to dress up to the nines as I walk inside the concert, right?!!! No worries, mate, JET would never let you down. J

Novita Yunus, the creative designer of Batik Chic, is the talent behind JET’s black linen shirt with hand-crafted embroidery on the back. Inspired by the Dayaknese traditional hat for agricultural purposes in Kutai region, East Kalimantan province, Novita Yunus titled the collection “Geometry”.

The black shirt was my first preference to wear for the concert. As soon as I put it on I felt as if I were a Rock Royalty. Besides, black is the favorite color of Adele so aside from wearing her color, I would also be promoting the well known fashion and meticulously hand-crafted embroidery from my beloved country, Indonesia.

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Ps. Catatan Kecil untuk Rekans Diplomats dan Sahabats Fashionistas:
Konser musik dan pagelaran seni adalah momen yang tepat untuk menampilkan kekayaan budaya Indonesia melalui busana kita. Kemeja bahan linen hitam dengan bordir tradisional asal Kalimantan adalah opsi busana JET saat menghadiri konser musik Adele, sang Diva abad ke-21. Dirancang oleh Novita Yunus untuk Batik Chic, kemeja tersebut mencerminkan modernitas busana Indonesia yang tetap berpegang teguh pada nilai-nilai budaya yaitu budaya Suku Dayak Oheng, Kalimantan Timur. Tetaplah mengenakan busana karya perancang kebanggaan Tanah Air saat berkunjung keluar negeri, termasuk saat menghadiri konser. There is simply no reason not to be a stunner in the handsome creations of our very own Indonesian designers. Let us all now sing a long with Adele while putting on our favorite attire from Indonesian designers. As Adele advises, “It’s time to say goodbye to turning table”, indeed the time has come to say goodbye to boring outfits and say hello to elegant as well as attractive Indonesian fashion!

Even when they are closed, Adele’s beautiful eyes still puts a spell to the crowds!
JET wore a black linen shirt with “Geometry” hand-embroidery is designed by Novita Yunus for Batik Chic.

In the ANZ Stadium, 75.000 fans including Australians, Americans, Chinese and Indonesians sang along her number 1 hit song from third album, “Hello”.

Hello Sydney! Take a look at those beautiful inescapable eyes.

“Someone Like You” is still one of Adele’s best ballads. So poignant and truthful.

The song that I kept on playing during a weekend trip from Geneva to Milano in 2011, “Set Fire to the Rain”.

Bow down to the 21st century Diva who is not afraid to speak her mind and sing from her heart, Adele!

Cute lovers caught in the love cam.

Thank you to go to the end of the world and make us feel your love, Adele.

Mad about Adele, from t’shirts to make up pouch, from posters to keyrings, you want ‘em, they’ve got it all!

Let’s be a show stopper in a “Geometry” hand-embroidered shirt by Batik Chic. Top up your traditional shirt with a pair of skinny jeans to attain the modern effortlessly chic look.